Enhancing Revenue with Offshore or Domestic Coding

Understanding the medical coding delivery model that works best for your organization is key to optimizing your revenue. There are two main types of medical coding delivery models—domestic and offshore—both of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. That is why ECLAT Health Solutions is one of the few medical coding companies offering equally exceptional domestic and offshore services for medical organizations nationwide.

To name a few, here are five advantages of using either of the two main medical coding delivery models or both:

1. Increased Accuracy

Being able to utilize coders from both the United States and overseas countries can help ensure that the medical documentation is correct to maintain a healthy revenue and compliance. ECLAT Health Solutions guarantees a 95% or higher accuracy, so you won’t have to worry about coding on your own which will allow you to prioritize other functions of your health facility that are just as important.

2. Secure

Healthcare providers have a right to be hesitant to reach out and hire an offshore medical coding company due to the potential security risk. However, what many of them don’t know is that using offshore medical coders in addition to domestic medical coders does not compromise security at all. International coding companies understand that compromising client security can inflict damage on their own business, so offshore medical coding companies like ECLAT Health Solutions take the necessary extra steps and precautions to ensure coding procedures are solid and secure.

3. Lower Costs

Using overseas medical coders may seem like a costly venture, but in reality, it is very cost efficient. It is much cheaper to hire the many experienced offshore coders than the fewer domestic ones who may also be quite new to the industry. As a result, using experienced offshore and domestic medical coding services can save you a great deal of money in the long run.

4. Highly Qualified

You may be worried about overseas medical coders who are underqualified, but offshore medical coding services actually provide an abundance of experienced coders who are just as qualified with the same certifications as domestic coders. Since it is more cost-friendly to go the offshore route, you will end up with a much larger number of coders to get your medical coding tasks completed with accuracy.

5. Time-Efficient

Providers may worry that using offshore coding will take longer, but the timeliness of medical coding goes hand-in-hand, especially with highly-qualified and experienced coders that ECLAT Health Solutions provides. Using both offshore and domestic medical coders for your facility will streamline the medical coding process preventing any errors, which allows the general facility to run smoothly and efficiently.

Professional Domestic and Offshore Medical Coding

At ECLAT Health Solutions, we ensure our offshore medical coding is the most safe and cost-efficient service that we can provide as we understand security and a healthy revenue is of the utmost importance. Whether you utilize our quality offshore or domestic coding services, either will help you reach your goals and will allow you to run your healthcare organization as smooth as possible, so contact us directly at (703) 665-4499 to get more information on our medical coding services!


Reasons Why A Professional Offshore Medical Coding Company Will Improve Accuracy

The healthcare experience can vary from patient to patient as there is so much involved beginning from the first point of contact with the patient to when the patient receives their medical bill. Experienced offshore medical coding specialists provide accurate coding and quality documentation services every day, which in turn allows patients to have a quality healthcare experience.

ECLAT Health Solutions has provided the best offshore medical coding services to clients around the world for over ten years. Our team has the medical coding experience you can trust as we are eager to help you understand the benefits of becoming a medical coder and billing provider. Here are the reasons why you should consider hiring an offshore medical coding specialist.

Up to Date with Constant Medical Coding System Updates

The medical coding and billing industry is very fast-paced and an extremely complex system. There is a growing need for a universal coding system to give the medical coding market the boost it needs so it can be utilized by all medical facilities and practices on a global-scale. With the constant coding updates, mistakes occur frequently because there are many factors such as unreliable information, not enough documentation or inefficient communication between insurance companies and health care providers. Working together with a professional offshore coding company will help your organization to maintain accuracy in patient documentation.

Efficient Medical Coding Solutions

Medical coding errors can lead to major mistakes such as patients receiving improper medical treatment. When it comes to staying consistent with recording proper medical codes to the proper diagnosis, accuracy is important and desired by every medical coding company. Offshore medical coders have the professional experience and knowledge to properly determine and match the right codes for diseases, procedures, and services to a number of patients and ensuring these codes align ICD-10 regulations.  

Prevents Retraining Domestic Employees

With so many patients in one facility, you may find yourself with your hands tied trying to train your current medical staff on utilizing medical coding language and assigning the right codes to treatments and diagnosis in patient documentation. To avoid spreading yourself out too thin amongst providing treatments and retraining employees, you may need to consider working together with an offshore medical coding company. Letting a medical coding company handle every coding-related detail to allow you and your team to provide the proper care and treatment your patients need. Patients will receive efficient and thorough treatment according to their needs while medical coding errors are prevented altogether.

Professional Offshore Medical Coding Solutions

Working in the medical coding and billing industry is vital to ensuring patients have the most efficient healthcare experience. ECLAT Health Solutions is an offshore medical coding company that provides quality services to healthcare practices and facilities who look to eliminate coding inaccuracies. Our team understands what it takes to work as a medical coding provider and are dedicated professionals that will provide you with the information and services that are essential as a medical coder.

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Benefits of Offshore Medical Coding for Your Domestic Staff

More and more healthcare providers are utilizing offshore medical coding and are enjoying a variety of benefits. One of the biggest appeals of offshore medical coding for many providers is the bottom line – hiring overseas coders is more cost-effective than searching for employees at home. This is a huge asset for providers, but it certainly is not the only one. Financial incentives aside, outsourced medical coding also has several benefits for a facility’s domestic staff. Below, we explore some of the ways that offshore coding can benefit your domestic employees.


Freedom to Focus on the Administrative Side

Outsourcing your medical coding practices leaves your domestic employees with more time and resources that they can put toward bolstering and reworking other areas of your facility that need help, such as your administrative tasks. Refining the administrative side can help improve your facility’s billing and collections practices, patient experience, and claims submissions process, all of which will help increase efficiency and foster a healthier revenue cycle. Any staff who may have been doubling as coders or assisting with coding processes will now be free to focus on their main roles and responsibilities.


No Need to Re-Train Domestic Employees

Healthcare providers that feel their domestic employees’ lack of training has affected their efficiency or revenue may dread the effort, money, and resources that they will need to put into retraining them. Offshore coders are joining the workforce with the same qualifications, skills, and training as new coders in the United States at a reduced cost, making them capable of providing accurate medical coding and maintaining security. When providers look overseas for their coding solutions, they eliminate the need to spend valuable funds on training programs for their domestic staff. Offshore coders will need to receive some training to become familiarized with your facility’s best practices and procedures, but this is minimal and spares your facility the cost of a complete training overhaul that your domestic employees may need. No re-training for domestic employees also saves them time and stress, and allows them to focus on other, more important tasks and processes.


Fewer Errors and Less Stress

Using skilled offshore coders for your medical coding needs can help drastically reduce medical coding errors. In some facilities—often small or understaffed ones—busy staff may be prone to making coding errors, especially if these domestic staff are new to the workforce or have been struggling with the switch to ICD-10. Highly trained outsourced coders will likely make fewer errors, which means the rest of your staff will not need to scramble to fix mistakes such as claims denials. Often, the stress involved with fixing errors can actually lead to more mistakes being made, which compromises the health of your revenue cycle.

To earn the benefits of offshore medical coding, both for your finances and your staff, partner with an expert international medical coding company!


Offshore Medical Coding – The ECLAT Difference

ECLAT Health Solution’s team of outsourced medical coding experts are highly trained in ICD-10 coding procedures and are trained to maintain HIPAA and HITECH compliance. Not only is our coding secure and accurate, but our 3-Tiered Quality Assurance Process ensures we deliver superior work every step of the way. During this process, we closely analyze and review any cases that our coding team have questions on and prevent or fix errors. We go above and beyond to help your practice enjoy a healthy revenue cycle and increased revenue with our 24-hour turnaround and holiday and weekend coverage at no additional cost.

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Outsourcing Is a Key Method to Reducing Administrative Costs

Your hospital wouldn’t be able to operate without its administrative functions, and your hospital’s expense report will show it. According to the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare, administrative costs account for a whopping 15 percent of all U.S. annual healthcare expenditures. Such a sizable percentage means the stakes are high for hospitals and other healthcare facilities struggling to maintain a healthy revenue cycle.

Medical billing, medical coding, and claims submissions make up a large portion of your hospital’s administrative functions. Medical coding in particular is the heart of a hospital’s administrative practices. If a code is entered incorrectly, it may cause a claim denial, which will then cost more money to fix. If the claims denial is not fixed and the facility has trouble collecting the necessary payment from the patient, the facility is missing out on key revenue. Additionally, State and Federal guidelines must be obliged seamlessly to avoid any financial penalties and legal repercussions.

Accurate and efficient medical coding is so crucial to healthy revenue cycle management, and yet finding the staff to provide it seems hard to come by lately. The United States has experienced a shortage of trained medical coders in recent years, sending many hospitals and other healthcare facilities scrambling to find employees. A solution, then, is to use outsourced medical coders. Although many hospitals freeze up at the mention of outsourcing, the truth is that using outsourced medical coding staff can save 25% to 30% on administrative costs, something any hospital or healthcare facility could appreciate.

Something that many healthcare facilities don’t consider is that other nations offer a set of highly skilled and qualified medical coders ready to enter the workforce. With this available pool of qualified coders, healthcare providers do not need to spend even more resources, time, and money training domestic, inexperienced staff in ICD-10 code and HIPAA compliance procedures. This rushed training attempt may not quickly produce the highly qualified coders they need, and these ineffectively trained staff members may cost crucial revenue. Some hospitals might try to save money and stretch their current coding employees too thin, which can lead to more errors, which means more claims denials, and ultimately means a loss of revenue.

With an abundance of trained workers, healthcare facilities can meet their demand for skilled workers at a reduced cost, which is an appealing economic business decision for any facility struggling with expenses. Additionally, without having to spend time and resources on in-house medical coders, hospitals and other healthcare facilities can work on improving their patient care services. Focusing on and improving the quality of patient care can also reduce administrative costs and overall bring in more revenue, which means a better bottom line on the next expense and quality report.

Using outsourced medical coders is overall a cost-effective solution for reducing your hospital’s administrative costs. To get the most savings possible, make sure you choose an expert outsourced coding company. ECLAT Health Solutions is a global leader for international medical coding services to healthcare facilities nationwide. Our coding staff are skilled in ICD-10 coding and we can always maintain HIPAA and HITECH compliance to ensure our clients’ security. We work with our clients as an extension of their facility and go the extra mile to help them reach their revenue goals.

Make a change that will reduce your facility’s administrative costs and bring in more revenue. Contact ECLAT to learn more about our offshore medical coding services!

The Truth About Domestic vs. International Medical Coding

There’s a lot of debate in the world of healthcare about international coding. “Does international coding really save that much money? How safe is it? Aren’t there enough coders here in the United States?”—these are all common questions that healthcare providers ask when addressing their medical coding needs.

There is a lot of misleading information and false rumors floating around that make some providers shudder at the thought of using coders abroad. However, the truth is that international coding is a great model that offers US healthcare providers a multitude of benefits.


Often, the biggest reason many healthcare facilities hesitate to use international medical coding is security. They may fear that looking overseas for coding services means compromising security, and that this alleged increased security risk will outweigh the benefits of a more affordable option. They are, of course, right to be cautious when it comes to their security, but what many of them don’t realize is that international coding does not actually compromise security. International coding providers are well-aware that a security breach would mean a loss of business for their clients, not to mention would compromise patients’ confidential medical records. Because of this, coding providers take extra measures to ensure their clients’—and their patients’—security.

These companies build secure facilities in which the international coders will work. Even though the work is being conducted overseas, an expert medical coding provider will maintain the tightest security measures and ensure that all sensitive information and practices are kept private. As an added measure, most international coding companies will promote transparency and report to their clients about their processes.

An Abundance of Work

The adaptation to ICD-10 procedures in recent years has contributed to draining the pool of qualified coders here in the United States. Healthcare facilities have struggled to spend time and money retraining their coding staff, and many coders who were certified in the former coding practices did not want to learn a brand new set of procedures and left the field. This has created a gap of time in which the newest set of medical coders have yet to be trained and enter the coding workforce, leaving a shortage of US-based coders.

However, there is an abundance of well-trained and qualified overseas medical coders who can meet the demand. International coding companies require their coders to earn the necessary certifications, such as from AAPC and AHIMA, making them just as qualified for medical coding as domestic coders. This abundance of workers overseas also helps keep cost down for healthcare providers without sacrificing quality and accuracy.

Reduced Cost

Outsourcing coding services might seem like a costly endeavor to some healthcare providers, but using international coders is a very financially-appealing option. It’s far more affordable to use an experienced coder from another country than to find, hire, train, and pay a US-based coder who is new to the industry. As mentioned, the abundant pool of candidates in other nations helps to keep costs down, where the smaller availability of coders in the US with a rising demand can end up costing you more than you bargained for.

Partner with the Right International Coding Company

Of course, the key to reaping in these benefits of international coding is to select an expert outsourced coding company. ECLAT Health Solutions offers the most secure, efficient, and accurate international medical coding services. All of our coding experts are well-trained in ICD-10 procedures in addition to maintaining HIPAA compliance. We love working closely with our clients as an extension of their company to help them reach and exceed their operational goals by customizing our services to fit your facility needs. This unique approach is what our satisfied customers call ‘The ECLAT Advantage’.

To learn more about how we can serve you, call us today at (703) 665-4499, or fill out our contact form!