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Anemia, coding, sequencing and more…

As coders we all face challenges when it comes to assigning codes that best describe anemia being treated.   Many times, anemia requires a query for the type being evaluated and/or treated.  Often once anemia has been stabilized, work up to identify the cause is undertaken. Let’s explore anemia, coding, sequencing and more. Anemia in the […]

Selecting the BEST Principal Diagnosis

Early on in our lives, our parents laid out choices surrounded by guidelines that they hoped would lead us to being able to make the best decisions.  Depending on how we truly understood our choices, sometimes coupled with the outcome, we were able to navigate growing up to be great decision makers.  As we transition […]

Beginning the New Year revisiting HIV/AIDS

“Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people.” – William Butler Yeats – Irish poet   Just as cleansing snowfalls, cooler breezes and overcast skies accompany January into the New Year, revenue cycle change is sure to follow.   All of us play a valuable role in the success of increasing quality […]


Embracing new coding concepts and guideline changes can sometimes overshadow established policies that we use daily, prompting a need to revisit.  Recently, while researching a concept I felt was clear to me, I realized that depending on the circumstance, the clarity may not be so apparent.  All of us are vulnerable to being lulled into […]

An Ever-Changing Healthcare Environment

Across the country and around the world, healthcare organizations are feeling the winds of change.  Political, restructuring, budgetary, regulatory breezes all blow in different waves of change to our daily tasks as healthcare professionals that impact us.  Often I think of how as a child I feared change.  Whether it was moving to a new […]

What’s up “with” Diabetic Coding?

Responding to coder questions has always been one of my great joys.  The challenge of searching for the underlying cause or the analysis of a detailed operative note is second only to a Dr. Seuss favorite with my Grands.  Lately, diabetic coding has been a frequent topic for clarification. According to the American Diabetes Association,“29.1 […]