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Clinical Documentation Plays A Crucial Role in the Revenue Cycle

Clinical documentation improvement (CDI) is becoming increasingly valuable in today’s healthcare world. CDI’s relevance is supported by AHIMA’s newly-released a CDI outpatient toolkit. This toolkit equips providers with the guidance they need to establish their own CDI system. Toolkits like this paired with professional clinical documentation improvement services help providers review their documentation processes and […]

CACs vs Human Auditors & Coders

2018 is the year of the ICD-10 audit! Two years after ICD-10 was implemented, coding and documentation regulations have finally stabilized, after some providers experienced tumultuous transition periods. Now is the perfect time for providers to run ICD-10 audits to identify any current errors and opportunities to improve their coding practices for the future. Providers […]

Why Choosing a Billing Company That Practices Billing Transparency is Crucial

One of the biggest issues plaguing healthcare providers is implementing the best billing practices and receiving full, on-time payment from patients. The need to improve billing practices is more important than ever, with roughly 30% of healthcare revenue being paid by patients. Because the stakes are high, many healthcare providers turn to billing companies to […]

ECLAT is Proud to Celebrate the 29th Annual HIP Week

The 29th Annual Health Information Professionals (HIP) Week runs from March 18 -24, and we are so excited to be a part of it! So many wonderful and talented HIP staff work for ECLAT, and we can’t wait to celebrate our talented team of medical coders and ICD-10 auditors and thank them for the incredible […]

4 Places to Look for Missing Revenue

Hospitals and other providers miss out on millions of dollars of revenue each year due to inefficient RCM practices. Between administration, billing, and coding, there are a lot of moving parts that, when working together, foster a healthy revenue cycle. However, this also means that when best practices are not used, or mistakes are made […]

Why Your Facility Should Check Claims Daily

Claims denials are a big reason why many healthcare providers miss out on annual revenue, making it crucial that you closely monitor your claims process every day. Perhaps your facility does one large, overarching review of all claims submitted in a certain period, such as every week or even every month. This review of multiple […]

Common Revenue Cycle Errors You Can Avoid by Checking Patient Eligibility Prior to Service

The concept of checking a patient’s insurance coverage and eligibility prior to providing a service certainly seems like a straightforward, best practice. However, a study conducted by Capario reported that a shocking number of practices do not check patient insurance coverage before service, or at all. The study found that one-quarter of the facilities studied […]