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Four Factors that Affect the Medical Revenue Cycle

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is a technological tool used for both administrative tasks and clinical functions to record and organize patient claims including collected claim payments as well as denials. If this system isn’t running efficiently, then it could lead to inaccurate medical billing, which can tarnish a patient’s healthcare experience.    A healthy medical […]

AHIMA 2018 Roundup

“Inspiring Leadership, Influencing Change” rang out at every General Session and throughout all the Educational Tracks at the 90th Annual AHIMA Convention and Exhibit held September 22 – 26 in Miami, Florida.  Transforming HIM, revisiting processes and evaluating technological solutions were hot topics welcomed by convention participants.  Politics was also among the engaging sessions as […]

The Benefits of Clinical Documentation Improvement

Health organizations around the world understand that keeping complex data organized is essential to providing a positive patient experience. In order for patients to have a successful health experience, clinical documentation must be accurately reported. If a patient’s information is not recorded and detailed well, errors will surface and it can deeply affect patients and […]

Here’s Why The Global Medical Coding Market is Growing Exponentially

Medical coding is an essential medical language that is utilized by health organizations and hospitals around the world everyday. The global medical coding market is thriving in developed countries, but with all this growth, constant changes need to be made to improve efficiency and the effectiveness of healthcare experiences and procedures everywhere. With the global […]

Coding Q & A with ECLAT Expert – Marie Thomas

Question: J96.00 (Principal DX) – Acute respiratory failure, unspecified whether with hypoxia or hypercapnia S06.6X6A (Admitting DX) – Traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage with loss of consciousness greater than 24 hours without return to pre-existing conscious level with patient surviving, initial encounter 00N.00ZZ (Principle Procedure Code- ICD-10-PCS) – Release Brain, Open Approach What would be the appropriate […]

Webinar Roundup: Exploring Respiratory Failure from a Clinical Perspective

As revenue cycle management, medical coding, and clinical documentation improvement professionals, the topic of acute and chronic respiratory failure is something that comes across our clients’ screens regularly. It is a very unique health issue that many don’t fully understand, and that can be difficult to document. Because of its distinctive properties, and popular audience […]

What Does ICD-11 Mean for Global Medical Coding Companies?

Global medical coding companies must keep up with industry technological and regulatory changes, and the recent announcement of ICD-11 is another change that we must adapt our processes to meet. But before we get into what the ICD-11 changes mean for medical coding companies, let’s remind ourselves of the purpose of ICD, and how essential […]

Clinical Documentation Plays A Crucial Role in the Revenue Cycle

Clinical documentation improvement (CDI) is becoming increasingly valuable in today’s healthcare world. CDI’s relevance is supported by AHIMA’s newly-released a CDI outpatient toolkit. This toolkit equips providers with the guidance they need to establish their own CDI system. Toolkits like this paired with professional clinical documentation improvement services help providers review their documentation processes and […]