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The Crucial Role of HIM

Healthcare is highly dependent on Health Information Management (HIM) for the successful keeping of private, secure, and confidential documents and records. HIM professionals use their expert knowledge and experience on laws and regulations that overall impacts the appropriate management of healthcare data. While they ensure the protection of health information, this also allows the right […]

ICD-10 Auditing Trends to Avoid

While effective communication, collaboration, and educated professionals are all essential to the success of the ICD-10 auditing process, insufficient identification of clinical and coding issues can place recovery audits and healthcare processes at risk. As hospitals and health systems must maintain accurate coding assignments to optimize reimbursements, it will also further reflect quality patient services […]

Why Account Receivable (A/R) Services Are So Important

Every business must track and obtain their account receivables, or A/R, during the medical billing process. An account receivable is the amount a customer owes to a certain business once its services have been rendered and billed. This is an extremely important business aspect behind medical institutions such as hospitals, clinics, and private practices. A […]

Webinar Roundup: Malnutrition At-A-Glance Coding and Denials

To determine and identify whether patients are at-risk of malnutrition, healthcare physicians and medical coders must have an efficient way of communicating all patient documentation and treatments to one another. In our most recent Webinar Roundup: Malnutrition At-A-Glance Coding and Denials, Marie Thomas, ECLAT Senior Director, Coding and HIM Operations, Evelyn Santos, ECLAT Coding and Audit […]

Enhancing Revenue with Offshore or Domestic Coding

Understanding the medical coding delivery model that works best for your organization is key to optimizing your revenue. There are two main types of medical coding delivery models—domestic and offshore—both of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. That is why ECLAT Health Solutions is one of the few medical coding companies offering equally exceptional […]

6 Medical Billing Mistakes that Harm the Healthcare Revenue Cycle

Medical billing is such a vast and convoluted process that many healthcare providers have begun outsourcing medical billing companies for extra support. Hiring professional billers to act as an extension of your team is one of the many medical billing solutions that has improved the quality of the overall healthcare experience. Any inefficiencies may be […]

The Importance of Entering Correct Medical Codes to A Hospital Chargemaster

Many healthcare facilities utilize a hospital charge description master, or hospital chargemaster (CDM), for billing patients and health insurance companies. When a chargemaster isn’t performing as it should, it negatively affects the overall healthcare experience. Accurate coding is important and must be documented precisely as it represents every healthcare service provided to the patient. Due […]

The Difference Between Keeping Your Medical Coding & Billing System In-House and Outsourcing

Maintaining a healthy revenue cycle management process and medical coding and billing management system is no easy task to take on your own. Depending on healthcare providers and organizations budgeting needs, they can choose to train their in-house staff to medically code or outsource instead. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, but with a […]