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Outsourcing Is a Key Method to Reducing Administrative Costs

Your hospital wouldn’t be able to operate without its administrative functions, and your hospital’s expense report will show it. According to the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare, administrative costs account for a whopping 15 percent of all U.S. annual healthcare expenditures. Such a sizable percentage means the stakes are high for hospitals and other healthcare […]

Why Collaboration Between Coding & Patient Financial Services is Essential for Healthy RCM

There are two key parts to any healthcare facility’s revenue cycle: patient financial services (including enrollment, appointment scheduling, collections, and more) and medical coding. For your employees who work in each department, these two may seem like entirely different worlds sometimes, but communication and collaboration between the two is crucial for effective revenue cycle management. […]

The Truth About Domestic vs. International Medical Coding

There’s a lot of debate in the world of healthcare about international coding. “Does international coding really save that much money? How safe is it? Aren’t there enough coders here in the United States?”—these are all common questions that healthcare providers ask when addressing their medical coding needs. There is a lot of misleading information […]

Common Pitfalls You Can Avoid with Effective RCM

Healthcare policies and reforms always seem to be in motion, especially in today’s political climate, making it a challenge for health care providers to keep up. If they can’t adapt to the changing landscape, they miss out on significant revenue. Because the healthcare industry is always shifting and evolving, it’s crucial that your facility’s revenue […]

Effective RCM Can Save Hospitals Millions

A recent report by Advisory Board has found that hospitals are losing up to $22 million in revenue a year because they do not have effective and accurate revenue cycle management (RCM) in place. Advisory Board reported that although hospitals have enjoyed higher profits recently, the focus they have placed on the cost of RCM […]

Post-Operative Respiratory Failure

Preparing the soil before I plant my vegetables and flowers will help ensure my family and I enjoy the delicious taste and beauty throughout the summer; payoff for my sore muscles.  The same is true for most things that are meaningful in our lives.  Taking time to prepare ensures the best outcomes.  Let’s take a […]

Anemia, coding, sequencing and more…

As coders we all face challenges when it comes to assigning codes that best describe anemia being treated.   Many times, anemia requires a query for the type being evaluated and/or treated.  Often once anemia has been stabilized, work up to identify the cause is undertaken. Let’s explore anemia, coding, sequencing and more. Anemia in the […]

Selecting the BEST Principal Diagnosis

Early on in our lives, our parents laid out choices surrounded by guidelines that they hoped would lead us to being able to make the best decisions.  Depending on how we truly understood our choices, sometimes coupled with the outcome, we were able to navigate growing up to be great decision makers.  As we transition […]

Beginning the New Year revisiting HIV/AIDS

“Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people.” – William Butler Yeats – Irish poet   Just as cleansing snowfalls, cooler breezes and overcast skies accompany January into the New Year, revenue cycle change is sure to follow.   All of us play a valuable role in the success of increasing quality […]