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4 Places to Look for Missing Revenue

Hospitals and other providers miss out on millions of dollars of revenue each year due to inefficient RCM practices. Between administration, billing, and coding, there are a lot of moving parts that, when working together, foster a healthy revenue cycle. However, this also means that when best practices are not used, or mistakes are made […]

Why Your Facility Should Check Claims Daily

Claims denials are a big reason why many healthcare providers miss out on annual revenue, making it crucial that you closely monitor your claims process every day. Perhaps your facility does one large, overarching review of all claims submitted in a certain period, such as every week or even every month. This review of multiple […]

Common Revenue Cycle Errors You Can Avoid by Checking Patient Eligibility Prior to Service

The concept of checking a patient’s insurance coverage and eligibility prior to providing a service certainly seems like a straightforward, best practice. However, a study conducted by Capario reported that a shocking number of practices do not check patient insurance coverage before service, or at all. The study found that one-quarter of the facilities studied […]

RCM Best Practices Your Facility Should Adopt in 2018

2018 has arrived, and many healthcare facilities are using the New Year as an opportunity to restructure and improve their practices to ensure a successful year. Some healthcare facilities’ new year resolutions may involve improving their revenue cycle management. This resolution is certainly important, as poor RCM can make hospitals and other facilities miss out […]

Practicing Point-of-Service Collections Can Improve Your Revenue Cycle

In today’s healthcare climate, with shifting healthcare regulations and high-deductible healthcare plans, more and more patients have to make out-of-pocket payments to receive treatment. For physicians, hospitals, and other facilities that do not always require patients to pay while signing in for an appointment, tracking down patients after providing care can be a complicated issue […]

Benefits of Offshore Medical Coding for Your Domestic Staff

More and more healthcare providers are utilizing offshore medical coding and are enjoying a variety of benefits. One of the biggest appeals of offshore medical coding for many providers is the bottom line – hiring overseas coders is more cost-effective than searching for employees at home. This is a huge asset for providers, but it […]

Why HIPAA & HITECH Compliance Is Increasingly Crucial in Today’s World

Healthcare fraud and security breaches have been making headlines recently. It seems that almost everywhere we turn, we hear about a new threat to banking or health information security. After the Equifax breach compromised 143 million Americans’ credit and financial information earlier this year, individuals and organizations are shifting their best practices and regulations to […]

Highlights and Trends from AHIMA 2017

The feeling of absolute exhilaration was in the air lining up to receive pre-registration packets at the AHIMA 2017 Convention and Exhibit in “the city of angels”, Los Angeles.   For many of us, it had been a year since we had seen colleagues, reconnected with prior co-workers and reunited with friends in the health information […]